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Executive Assessment & Development.

White Streak Blue Streak
White Streak Blue Streak

We detect and resolve issues that are limiting the performance of organisations, teams and leaders, offering clients transition coaching, one-to-one coaching and team coaching.

Transition Coaching.

We work with executives who are about to commence a new role – providing a focused Transition Coaching service so that they are better able to ‘hit the ground running’ and adjust to a new business environment and culture.

One-to-one Coaching.

We provide Executive Coaching to an executive who has areas of challenge that are hindering their professional progress. This valuable support creates the space and time to consider the causes of the ‘roadblock’. The coach working towards agreed actions and new approaches that will make a lasting difference.

Team Coaching.

We support Boards and Executive teams, assessing and developing their cohesion and effectiveness using Team Assessment Tools that provide in-depth insights into teams strengths and an evaluation on how teams can work better together.

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